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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Success has no shortcuts !

#UseYourAnd# And write what ?!? I was not clear. I continued to surf other pages of the web. At night Mom what's for dinner? I shouted. DOSAA, came a prompt reply from kitchen! Ahh this dosa and sambar again huh I started to growl and before I could let it out, I heard and chutney! For the love of white chutney I felt elated, let out a sigh and kissed my mom. BANG!!! Rang the bell on my mind 'When an AND clause could add so much spice to my mood I can't stop thinking of how ANDs spices up one's life! And tada :) here I am!!

            Every woman's first inspiration would be her mom and I am no exception. The more a girl turns into a woman, the more she realizes the importance of her mother. We can't stop wondering how many kinds of roles she had to play! She is a caring daughter in law of my grandmother and an ideal wife of my dad and mother of a dazzling princess and a charming prince. Yeah it is me and my brother :D I know its too dramatic but to my mom we are :)!
            She knows when to act as my sister and when to enjoy the girly moments as my BFF and when to act as strict as MOM. She knows how to groom my brother into a man and yet treat him as a little kid. It is not easy to be a daughter's mom and a son's mom and yet she manages to be both. Most importantly she nailed it completely! This is just inside our house.
             To the outside world she has more avatars to play. To win a degree of M.sc and M.Phil, in those days one could easily guess how hard it would have been, for a woman to travel from one corner of village to the other side of a city and how difficult it would have been to gather the money needed for all the applications and fees. She never told me how much she struggled during her days but I have heard my uncle talking with pride in eyes about how dedicated and sincere she was and I couldnt help but notice that its her hard work that is reflecting as his pride.
            she started her career as a higher secondary school mathematics teacher, moved up the career ladder working as an assistant professor and senior lecturer and went on to pursue her PhD. It was definitely not a cake walk. I was in my twelfth, my brother in his tenth and she on the verge of completing her PhD degree. She was operated not once but twice during this period and yet gathered the stamina to sit in her hospital room and prepare her papers for the degree. I was indeed moved by her determination. I learnt what a true perseverance and commitment is. While fighting the hardships, she never forgot to balance the other side, i.e., to be a dutiful daughter in law and a wonderful wife. Not once she deferred from the duty of a mother. There she was in kitchen to cook my favorite dish after her tiring 8 hours of work and 4 hours of travel and then prepare for her next days class. Not once have I noticed her whining about her daily chores or cribbing about working for more than 25 years.
            Those endless commitments and tireless efforts had resulted in her promotion as the head of institution- Yes, I am proud to call myself the daughter of Dr. T.Revathi, the Principal of a College and guilty for not helping her out in her arduous journey! Right from the time I was in her womb to till date she had always been my warmth, my sunshine, a shoulder to cry upon. I can go on and on writing about her but in nutshell shes been a true source of inspiration for not just me but for every batch of students who pass out under her guidance!

            Mom you always dreamed of me to be an IIT/NIT and IIM graduate and settle in a dream job. Today, I am an electronics graduate, a software professional and a blogger and a social worker and all these are because the freedom you gave me to live my life my way. All your dreams about me had remained a dream till now :( I never lived up to your expectations and yet you never complained once! Instead you loved me more than the day I was born and encouraged me more and more to perform better and be the best in my field, though I ridicule your new desire at this age to learn hindi :P . I take this opportunity to Thank you Mom for allowing me to live my life my way!  MOM ..you are  WOW and I adore you!

AND so the post doesnt end here.

In set language (A true Math professor's daughter :p ) A or B always indicate the whole set, its A AND B that distinguishes things from entire set.

            The other beautiful woman I admire and idealize besides my mom is none other than my neighbor Mrs. Shanthy Viswanathan. I had always heard that, in an Indian society like ours, the next door aunties are always there to brainwash our mom and influence our life, most often choose our career paths and the college we must get admitted into! The first thing I like about her is that she is not one among such stereotyped next door aunties!! Rather she is like my best senior who I never had in my college. She is a homemaker at present but had worked with Times of India, and The Hindu. She is the mother of two teenagers and anyone seeing her would never believe it! Yes she is not just young at heart but in appearance too. She might be a homemaker but she is up to date with her technology. She posts articles in facebook, takes good selfies and changes her whatsapp profile picture and status just like any tech dude! Give her any topic I am sure she will have something to talk on it. Another thing that I like about her is that she is always dressed up. Trust me compared to her dressing sense, our generation has lot more to learn. And most important of all, I like her enthusiasm to do things. Seeing her energy in aerobics class I was dumbstruck. She is up at 4 in the morning and never sleeps in the afternoon and climbs up and down the stairs thousands times a day and still with vibrant energy. For a better picture I can relate it with a scene in film Padayappa where Old Rajni fights villains and actor Abbas (Padayappas to be son-inlaw in film) stunned with his stunts comments that he is never old and watch the fight open-mouthed! Such is her level of energy and I was totally awed by it. That scene might be reel but her energy level is so real! She had told me lot of her real life experiences where
Ø  She was feared to death inside and acted bold to tackle a grim situation in life
Ø  She was afraid and yet dared to take a risk in life
Ø  She was about to burst in anger and yet maintained her cool to avoid mishaps
All those really helped me mold myself and made me a better decision maker. Recently when I enquired about the swimming classes she was eager and readily accepted to accompany me. Salute to her readiness to learn new things in life!

My Mom and Shanty Aunty , both have been successful in their own ways. Be it my mom learning a new language at the time of retirement and Shanthy Auntys readiness to learn activities, both taught me a common lesson A womans success can never be stopped unless and until she decides to and the motivation to succeed always come from within! 

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