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Saturday, 3 January 2015

I'm Back (Billa style :P )

             I am neither a voracious reader nor a talented writer. But I have always had a passion for writing and loved to express my thoughts loud and round the globe :) Thanks to the technology ! On that note I started this blog but soon got preoccupied with other things and left this unnoticed.  This new Year - 2015, I wanted to experiment more (secret reason: I'm bored, kindly bare with me ;) ) and thus decided to resume my writing. I have never taken much resolutions for new years and now I wanted to give it a try! This way even I could find out how long I could keep up my words :P I have many scribblings that are still incomplete or/and if completed never made to this blog. I wish I complete all those scribblings and put it up here so that you readers (if at all any :p ) can glimpse through those when bored :) So going forward I take a resolution that I publish at least one blog per week throughout this 2015. From my personal experience I feel the more you read the more we get motivated to write so I will also make it a point to read more books and articles and add my personal favorites here !! AAhhh.. this blog definitely sounds nerdy ! Trust me, I am no bookworm or padips .. so I can guarantee a variety. Click on topics you like to read and have fun :) 

I'm Back ...Hope experiments continues :) B)

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