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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pray Panunga _/\_ ;)

 Will you dare to miss the time when our Thalaivar super star's name being displayed on screen or his intro scene? Those are precious moments for any hard core Rajini fan .There are such moments in each and every ones life. Out there are our fans waiting for such instances to happen in our life. This post is about one such moment in my life!

This is in fact my second encounter with such instance. for people who know me well know that its quite hard to not keep hearing my voice (sleeping time excluded ;) ) thats when my best friends challenged me not to talk for one whole day !! For reserved types I know it is no big deal! But just like how important are legs to dancers, voice to musicians, breath to humans (too much of comparisons I know :p ) talking is important to chatter box like me !! Trust me, challenge of not talking for a day was biggest disaster of my life .. I failed terribly getting huge bulbs from ma friends ;) but that moment I realised how happy it was to talk again :)  but history  repeated itself (Naah not the bulbs...that's never a history happens all times),this time not because of a challenge but because of severe throat infection. These are my dark days (of course very bright ones for my friends and family) where I had to convey each and everything through actions.  I am a dumb c fanatic but trust me playing dumb c with non-sync people can give you real head aches especially when your siblings make you the comedy piece :( everyone around got to taste a sip of 'mock'tail- the main ingredient being me . All those reading this, I know you are silently praying for my speedy recovery so then I don't disturb people scribbling here :p if not start soon ;)

Konajm pray panunga plz! Aal sekarathu evlo kustamappa :D

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