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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Just You, me and a secret- Book Review

Written for a secret contest!  Review of the book - Just You,me and a secret authored by Ganga Barani . Though it din't win a prize, I personally liked it. My another experiment with writing :)

Just You Me and A Secret! The name of the book by itself is very intriguing. I happen to read the first chapter of the book and as I was reading through the lines, I realized my eyes gave a good competition to my brain in functioning fast! Each line kept me guessing what the character is and where she actually is. Reading each line was like unwrapping birthday presents :) Eager to know what’s next. Ganga Bharani can’t wait to read the full book and unravel the secret. who wouldn’t want to know a secret? ;) :P
“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” - Jane Austen and I, for sure don’t want to be one! What about you ??

Sunday, 21 September 2014

To my dear crush !

I’m participating in the A Letter A Week, hosted by Nibha. This week asks me to write a letter to my Crush.

Dear Crush,

Struggling are my words when I try to pen down my feelings for you! So here I am, with my new avatar. This is specially for you ! :)

With you around, anyone would be glad to die of a humour tumour
And there I stood, hit by a cupid’s hammer!
Now that you swiped open my heart
Please don’t try to part…
For every smile you flash
I could feel the oxytocin splash!
The more you talk
The more I stalk
Seeing you is one of my chores
Your name is all my heart silently roars!
Featured with a tie
I can’t take off my eye
 Forever you are my sweetie pie!
I’m hope, some day
You can read my mind
And from there on
We can, forever bind!!
My crush, the reason for my love gush
For sure a sweet swindler and people call him Chandler! :)

Dedicated to CHANDLER -an imaginary character in the SITCOM F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Matthew Perry who played the role Chandler Bing in SITCOM F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Saturday, 13 September 2014

True Happiness in Climbing up the ladder or being the ladder!?!

Most expected three day weekend just arrived and I, being an IT professional exactly did the same thing that every IT guy/gal would do on a weekend .Yes, you got it right –No shopping no outing, just a Couch Potato ! Having had a lousy week (I told you , I’m an IT gal) , my morning started at 10.00 AM sharp. Waking up from bed, too tired to organise it, settled on a huge sofa before my PC/Laptop surfing for videos and movies to kill my time or technically “to rejuvenate myself from tiresome four day office work!  Videos after videos, movies after movies I was still not tired of aimlessly staring into the 14 inch screen. After all that’s what I do for my living.  Trust me I’m an expert :p
                Clock ticked and it was half past three, still the same place with eyes fixed on the screen. It was vijay awards video that was running in it. I was working on skipping the performances and keen in getting to the award giving ceremony. I pretty well knew they were blowing their own trumpet and trying to raise their TRP rating but something caught my attention. It was something genuine and real in that reel world. It was a pleasing trait of DD (Divya Dharshini) - Vijay TV anchor. 

Most of her fans would know very well about her. Still, let me give a brief description about her to others. She is with anchoring since her childhood and had supported her family throughout. She is currently working as a college professor. She had faced great ups and downs in her life and had managed to find the sunshine. About her personal life, she was known for being single for a long time and almost everyone quizzed about her marriage. Not only the artists who appeared in Namma vettu Kalayanam (A TV show in Star vijay hosted by DD) had the questions about DD marriage, but also many viewers like me! Not until I heard her marriage announcement, it struck to me that I was awaiting her marriage; I can say I was even worried if she will ever get married?!?  On watching Namma veetu kalyanam, I had always thought won’t it be sometimes hurting to interview other people’s happy love stories with us being single? Matter of fact, though it will be exciting to hear other peoples love story the human mind tends to yearn for what is not with us. But then the answer to the million dollar question had come and DD was FINALLY ready to get married and had a very successful marriage.
DD with her husband Srikanth and other co-anchors in Coffee with DD final season

Now back to square one. Talking about the Vijay awards, it was hosted by DD and another anchor. As mentioned before, one of her trait caught my attention and made me go awe!This is definitely not because of the above stated facts. During the award ceremony, when Sivakarthikeyan (One of her ex co-anchor, now a budding film star!) was receiving the award, I was awestruck by her expressions! Her eyes glittering with happiness and joy for her co-anchor who had reached great heights and was celebrating his day! I personally felt, every word she told him on stage was not just word of praising for the sake of camera but a hearty wish from the bottom of her heart with due respect and care. For her experience and popularity she has no good reason to pretend to rejoice over another person’s victory. Being a media centric person from childhood, she had gone places in the industry, yet very subtle in attitude. Though, not much into films she has always had her part in every celebrity’s life. Be it her interviews or the shows that she hosts, one can always see her charming and vibrant full of energy. Not many girls have impressed me with their character. I started to truly admire her.
DD and Sivakarthikeyan

During the special final season of coffee with DD (yet another show hosted by her)where all the co-anchors wished and talked about her, most common characteristic of her mentioned by every anchor was her tendency to encourage and create opportunities to other budding artists. When I saw the award ceremony and her reactions, this was what struck me and I could see genuine care and happiness on her face. With little effort one can climb up the ladder and be proud of it but being a ladder needs a great strength for we may be stamped by the ones climbing on us!  I understood climbing up the ladder excites us but there is more thrill and true happiness in being the ladder ourselves for it needs a great heart to be one.No harm in learning the good from others. After all humanity measures our true self!

An Unexpected Celebration!

He stopped her by holding her hands, dragged her to his side. She lost her balance and was on him in a jiff. She stuck to him like iron stuck to a magnet. Her heart raced. She was trembling with anxiety and fear, at the same time excited. On the other hand she could hear his heart beating with casual lab tab rhythm in normal pace. She moved aside in shyness. He never left her hand. He was slowly approaching her. She could feel him. Her face turned pink and she lost count of her heart beat. She turned away smiling and there he was, moving towards her. He was almost there. Now she could feel his breath on her cheeks. In few seconds, his lips will plant a playful kiss on her cheeks. 5..4…3..2..1
                *THUD* She had a pillow thrown on her face. ‘Wake up Priya dear. It’s already ten past eight’ screamed Swetha. She opened her eyes and stared at her friend Swetha for yet again disturbing her dream. This was her second time. She had the same dream for two times and both the times she woke unfinished. ‘Don’t feel he is ever going to kiss you. He has other important things to do’ told Swetha winking her eyes. Priya responded with an angry face and with a sigh woke from her bed and started to brush. Yeah, Swetha was correct. I could not even get kissed in my dream by Ayush. How on earth will it really happen? Priya wondered to herself.
 Ayush! The name itself excited her. She could never get rid of his thoughts of her mind. Swetha, Priya and Ayush belonged to the same team.  He was a year senior to others in their team. Everyone respected him and always looked up to him.  Priya, besides respect had a feeling towards him. Yet she never showed it to him. She always obeyed whatever he said and tried to be around him for she felt happy and safe. Unlike other team members, she hardly called him or spoke to him often in person. So she pretty well knew that, to him she hardly existed. She admired the way how he treated every one equally and the way he mingled with other people. Above all these, something in him attracted her right at the moment she saw him.
She always made it a point to attend all the outings just because it was arranged by him as it was the only time he called her. But today she had to say no. Her newly wed childhood friend was in town and she had promised to meet her on the same day. Many of her gang members were telling reasons and so was she, reasoning out to her friends in whatsApp while her phone began to ring. It was him! She picked it up in the first ring. He sounded angry. ‘ Tell me properly I won’t call you again. I will have to make arrangements and give proper head count’ he was explaining his situation while all she heard was ‘ Why are you not coming? Don’t you know I make these arrangements to meet you and to be with you? ‘  She managed to respond saying sorry this is kind of big and she tried to explain everything but all she could say was a sorry, don’t get angry in a pleading manner . He replied  ‘Ok no problem Priya’  and the line went dead. She felt really sorry and awful. She felt as if she had let him down.
 The following weekend that plan was cancelled and she was for once glad it happened this way. Yet she met him and apologized for having said no to him. She regretted as if she had rejected his proposal. But, on the other hand he was very cool and casual and replied with no emotions. Knowing he’s least bothered, she turned around to make a move.

He stopped her by holding her hands, dragged her to his side. She lost her balance and was on him in a jiff. She stuck to him like iron stuck to a magnet. Her heart raced. She was trembling with anxiety and fear, at the same time excited. On the other hand she could hear his heart beating with casual rhythm in normal pace. She moved aside in shyness. He never left her hand. He was slowing approaching her. She could feel him. Her face turned pink and she lost count of her heart beat. She turned away smiling and there he was, moving towards her. He was almost there. She shut her eyes and constantly reminded herself that she was dreaming. ‘You are not dreaming Priya’ he whispered into her ears. She opened her eyes in shock only to get more shocked. He was standing right in front of her and very close to her. Too close that she was breathing his breath. ‘And you never knew how it ended.’ he continued.  Did he have my dreams too? wondered Priya. She looked at him with her eyes wide and open. Before she could open her mouth, he planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Very gentle and soft yet very deep! Her first Kiss! That too from Ayush !!! She was celebrating this unexpected moment!
You can thank me later!’ shouted Swetha from a distance.  Priya and Ayush both smiled. Ayush wrapped his fingers around Priya’s and they both started walking to celebrate their love. Priya as she walked, leaned on Ayush shoulders and silently thanked Swetha for the unexpected love celebrations that she is about to get throughout her life !

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kiss,Get Kissed, be blissed

With Actor Dhanush’s “I’m single and I’m young“ VIP (Vellai Illa Pattadhari) going viral ,one must not forget the other class in the society-the class to which three-fourth of the engineers and engineers in making belong. The class to which I belong! Yes, I am 23 and in I’m in IT!! Having said that, there are certain things one can be sure of
1. My day begins with sunset and ends when sun rises!
2. I am online in whatsApp(last seen hidden of course!)/Facebook 24X7.
3. Completely baffled about life and expert in aimlessly staring at the 14 inch laptop screen.
Chuck the above information is hardly related to my post :P Be it VIP or an IT professional and other minor sections of society, the centripetal force of today’s world is technology. We respond faster to some random FB posts than to our doorbell. We convey things to the world before we convey them to our parents and best friends. Our popularity is measured by the number of friends in our social networking site and by the likes that we get for our profile pictures and our kids BFF with angry birds and subway surfers. Human-machine interaction is slowly replacing Human –Human interaction. With the world going all ‘tech-savvy’ I am no exception!
Ever wondered how would your day go without mobile or PC? Honestly, I never believed I could part to my mobile phone until I encountered that 2 precious hours of my life! The hours I spent with little kids as a part of my volunteering activity for a NGO. It was my first class and the kids turned crazy and loved when I permitted them to operate my smart phone. Though they had the least access to these devices, I was startled when they questioned if I had talking tom and other similar applications (that even I have never heard of) installed in my phone. I suddenly remembered that I was there to teach them English for I believed that has become indispensable and a must learn for our little brothers and sisters. Of course, it was an excuse to save my 12K bucks phone!   

Frankly in the beginning, I avoided using mobile phones in front of the kids just to stop them from using mine and divert them into the curriculum. But then I realized that it was them who actually diverted me from reel to real world. I understood Google was of no help when they lovingly tested my memory on how far I could remember their names. All my degrees and certifications were in vain when they tested my knowledge in ninjas and power rangers. Thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V, I lost my creativity especially when I had to cook up stories for them. Honestly once, sitting unanswered in my VIVA VOCE was a pride but trust me, not able to answer a child’s query would turn into your most embarrassing moment of life. They would be so eager and interested in the response. The kids look up to each volunteer as a role model. The clip we use to tie our hair to the slippers we wear is/are noticed by them. Those interest them. Our fad is their dream life style.  Becoming us would be their ambition in life. Your absenteeism will be noted! They get so attached to you that they rightfully question for not turning out to classes or even for not wearing a dupatta. They eagerly invite to all annual and sports events. Our actual presence and attention is all they need. You can see their eyes glow and lips part widely when you get their names right. Being with them made me realise how important human relations are. They rekindled the human –human interactions that were slowly fading away in my life. They taught me the importance of giving attention to real life .Thanks to you kiddos, I make it a point to cast aside my mobile phones when I am with company and give people all the attention that they deserved, talk into their eyes and gain their trust. A request to all people reading this- for once look up from your monitor and face people, enjoy that bliss, for machines or codes cannot rejoice over our happy moments but a gentle pat on our back by a human can bring all the happiness.
                 After all, Happiness is also like kissing a person – You can’t get one without giving!