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Saturday, 13 September 2014

True Happiness in Climbing up the ladder or being the ladder!?!

Most expected three day weekend just arrived and I, being an IT professional exactly did the same thing that every IT guy/gal would do on a weekend .Yes, you got it right –No shopping no outing, just a Couch Potato ! Having had a lousy week (I told you , I’m an IT gal) , my morning started at 10.00 AM sharp. Waking up from bed, too tired to organise it, settled on a huge sofa before my PC/Laptop surfing for videos and movies to kill my time or technically “to rejuvenate myself from tiresome four day office work!  Videos after videos, movies after movies I was still not tired of aimlessly staring into the 14 inch screen. After all that’s what I do for my living.  Trust me I’m an expert :p
                Clock ticked and it was half past three, still the same place with eyes fixed on the screen. It was vijay awards video that was running in it. I was working on skipping the performances and keen in getting to the award giving ceremony. I pretty well knew they were blowing their own trumpet and trying to raise their TRP rating but something caught my attention. It was something genuine and real in that reel world. It was a pleasing trait of DD (Divya Dharshini) - Vijay TV anchor. 

Most of her fans would know very well about her. Still, let me give a brief description about her to others. She is with anchoring since her childhood and had supported her family throughout. She is currently working as a college professor. She had faced great ups and downs in her life and had managed to find the sunshine. About her personal life, she was known for being single for a long time and almost everyone quizzed about her marriage. Not only the artists who appeared in Namma vettu Kalayanam (A TV show in Star vijay hosted by DD) had the questions about DD marriage, but also many viewers like me! Not until I heard her marriage announcement, it struck to me that I was awaiting her marriage; I can say I was even worried if she will ever get married?!?  On watching Namma veetu kalyanam, I had always thought won’t it be sometimes hurting to interview other people’s happy love stories with us being single? Matter of fact, though it will be exciting to hear other peoples love story the human mind tends to yearn for what is not with us. But then the answer to the million dollar question had come and DD was FINALLY ready to get married and had a very successful marriage.
DD with her husband Srikanth and other co-anchors in Coffee with DD final season

Now back to square one. Talking about the Vijay awards, it was hosted by DD and another anchor. As mentioned before, one of her trait caught my attention and made me go awe!This is definitely not because of the above stated facts. During the award ceremony, when Sivakarthikeyan (One of her ex co-anchor, now a budding film star!) was receiving the award, I was awestruck by her expressions! Her eyes glittering with happiness and joy for her co-anchor who had reached great heights and was celebrating his day! I personally felt, every word she told him on stage was not just word of praising for the sake of camera but a hearty wish from the bottom of her heart with due respect and care. For her experience and popularity she has no good reason to pretend to rejoice over another person’s victory. Being a media centric person from childhood, she had gone places in the industry, yet very subtle in attitude. Though, not much into films she has always had her part in every celebrity’s life. Be it her interviews or the shows that she hosts, one can always see her charming and vibrant full of energy. Not many girls have impressed me with their character. I started to truly admire her.
DD and Sivakarthikeyan

During the special final season of coffee with DD (yet another show hosted by her)where all the co-anchors wished and talked about her, most common characteristic of her mentioned by every anchor was her tendency to encourage and create opportunities to other budding artists. When I saw the award ceremony and her reactions, this was what struck me and I could see genuine care and happiness on her face. With little effort one can climb up the ladder and be proud of it but being a ladder needs a great strength for we may be stamped by the ones climbing on us!  I understood climbing up the ladder excites us but there is more thrill and true happiness in being the ladder ourselves for it needs a great heart to be one.No harm in learning the good from others. After all humanity measures our true self!

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