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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kiss,Get Kissed, be blissed

With Actor Dhanush’s “I’m single and I’m young“ VIP (Vellai Illa Pattadhari) going viral ,one must not forget the other class in the society-the class to which three-fourth of the engineers and engineers in making belong. The class to which I belong! Yes, I am 23 and in I’m in IT!! Having said that, there are certain things one can be sure of
1. My day begins with sunset and ends when sun rises!
2. I am online in whatsApp(last seen hidden of course!)/Facebook 24X7.
3. Completely baffled about life and expert in aimlessly staring at the 14 inch laptop screen.
Chuck the above information is hardly related to my post :P Be it VIP or an IT professional and other minor sections of society, the centripetal force of today’s world is technology. We respond faster to some random FB posts than to our doorbell. We convey things to the world before we convey them to our parents and best friends. Our popularity is measured by the number of friends in our social networking site and by the likes that we get for our profile pictures and our kids BFF with angry birds and subway surfers. Human-machine interaction is slowly replacing Human –Human interaction. With the world going all ‘tech-savvy’ I am no exception!
Ever wondered how would your day go without mobile or PC? Honestly, I never believed I could part to my mobile phone until I encountered that 2 precious hours of my life! The hours I spent with little kids as a part of my volunteering activity for a NGO. It was my first class and the kids turned crazy and loved when I permitted them to operate my smart phone. Though they had the least access to these devices, I was startled when they questioned if I had talking tom and other similar applications (that even I have never heard of) installed in my phone. I suddenly remembered that I was there to teach them English for I believed that has become indispensable and a must learn for our little brothers and sisters. Of course, it was an excuse to save my 12K bucks phone!   

Frankly in the beginning, I avoided using mobile phones in front of the kids just to stop them from using mine and divert them into the curriculum. But then I realized that it was them who actually diverted me from reel to real world. I understood Google was of no help when they lovingly tested my memory on how far I could remember their names. All my degrees and certifications were in vain when they tested my knowledge in ninjas and power rangers. Thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V, I lost my creativity especially when I had to cook up stories for them. Honestly once, sitting unanswered in my VIVA VOCE was a pride but trust me, not able to answer a child’s query would turn into your most embarrassing moment of life. They would be so eager and interested in the response. The kids look up to each volunteer as a role model. The clip we use to tie our hair to the slippers we wear is/are noticed by them. Those interest them. Our fad is their dream life style.  Becoming us would be their ambition in life. Your absenteeism will be noted! They get so attached to you that they rightfully question for not turning out to classes or even for not wearing a dupatta. They eagerly invite to all annual and sports events. Our actual presence and attention is all they need. You can see their eyes glow and lips part widely when you get their names right. Being with them made me realise how important human relations are. They rekindled the human –human interactions that were slowly fading away in my life. They taught me the importance of giving attention to real life .Thanks to you kiddos, I make it a point to cast aside my mobile phones when I am with company and give people all the attention that they deserved, talk into their eyes and gain their trust. A request to all people reading this- for once look up from your monitor and face people, enjoy that bliss, for machines or codes cannot rejoice over our happy moments but a gentle pat on our back by a human can bring all the happiness.
                 After all, Happiness is also like kissing a person – You can’t get one without giving! 


  1. Enjoyed reading it . Was concise and to the point and nicely framed.Thumbs up prasi !!!!!