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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Working for Cause(s)

People: What?!? You quit a high paying job and going to work in some NGO?
I: Yes (with a grin and pride in my eyes)
People: Great! But does it have any future? No plans of studying further?
I: Start explaining all about the NGO and how they are trying to eliminate the education inequality.
People: (Only half listening & understanding nothing) really nice to hear that you are working for a cause. You must have had a lot of guts to leave your job. All the best!

        Off late, this had been my routine and I am quite tired of listening to the same record being played invariably by almost every person I meet. Yes, I know it takes a lot of guts to change careers especially when my graph is taking an exponential rise. But I wanted to WORK for A CAUSE.
The CAUSE was Education. I badly wanted to eradicate the education inequality of the nation. I felt my little brothers and sisters deserved the same blessing that life had gifted me with. But this is not all. The cause doesn’t just end here. This is just the Yang part of my cause. Every coin has two sides and so does my cause. The yin part of me quitting my job and working for this cause is, deep inside I knew I did not belong there and wasn’t satisfied with my output either. My heart belonged to teaching and I got all my satisfaction and inner peace by teaching kids. Kids of grade three to seven always interested me. With a year and half of volunteering experience I learnt so many things from them, I got to analyse them, assess them and enjoy the same. With kids around there were lot of positive vibes. I gained immense pleasure in teaching young minds. They always amused me. And I found this is where my heart belonged. Love and Life is where heart is. So I knew I had to follow my heart and have my brain along with me in taking that decision. Trust me it was not easy, especially being a girl there are those ever caring and most kind hearted people (yes my relatives) waiting eagerly (more than my parents :P) to get me married off.

              But I truly felt and still feel India’s education structure has to be rewritten and it definitely needs better teachers to become the best in the world. With quick surfing on current scenario of India’s education, anyone will with agree with me that majority of the students are devoid of quality education and one of the major reasons is lack of able teachers. And so this is a very good cause to work on but the secret driving force to work on this cause is my yin part and I know its Selfishness. I derive so much happiness in teaching and so I opted for this cause. People may praise me for my brave decision but deep inside I know it is not just for sake of others appreciation or solely for the welfare of the future generation but also for that athma thirupti or the inner peace and self-satisfaction!You like to code and you are in MNC,I like to teach and so I am here. Dear people, next time please don't look at me as if I am traveling out of my path to help others. I am just trying to light my path and that way my co passengers' life is also lit! :)

Yes I work for cause(s) ; Yang - Education and Yin -Self-satisfaction!!!

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  1. Its a wonderful Yang that was directed by your Yin. A beautiful post written straight from the heart. Keep writing and keep sharing good thoughts. All the best.

    1. Thank you Shilpi :) your comment made my day ! I will keep sharing my thoughts :) thanks again for dropping by ! :)